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status symbols for successful people

Posted in Uncategorized by Ovidiu on 27 August 2018


15 Items That Are Just Status Symbols

„The brand most predictive of top income in 1992 is Grey Poupon Dijon mustard.42 By 2004, the brand most indicative of the rich is Land O’Lakes butter, followed by Kikkoman soy sauce. By the end of the sample, ownership of Apple products (iPhone and iPad) tops the list. Knowing whether someone owns an iPad in 2016 allows us to guess correctly whether the person is in the top or bottom income quartile 69 percent of the time. Across all years in our data, no individual brand is as predictive of being high-income as owning an Apple iPhone in 2016.”


Apple Macbook worth it?

Why are Macbooks so ubiquitous in Science, if they are status symbols [closed]


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